Cole Got Cucked Hard: Part 1

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I finish my coffee and set the cup down on the saucer. Across the table, Kenneth’s cup is still full. It must be starting to get cold by now.

I glance around the room. The cafe has emptied out since about an hour ago when we got here. There’s just a group chattering quietly a couple of tables away, and a lady reading the newspaper in the sun by the window.

I wonder to myself where the waiter has got to. I thought he would have been back to give me the bill by now. I consider going up to the counter to pay for breakfast, but it looks like they’re a bit light on staff anyway; there’s only one girl behind the counter, looking like she is unsuccessfully trying to do the maths required to split a bill for the group of seven that just finished up their breakfast.

I go back to reading my newspaper. I’ve already read all the articles that looked interesting, but now that I’ve some more time to fill, I start to flick back through the pages to see if any of the others that I’d ignored on my first pass could be worth a read.

Another minute or so ticks by. I wonder what’s taking Kenneth so long in the restroom. I hope he isn’t sick or something. I figure I might as well drink his coffee though; another minute and it will be too cold to bother. No point wasting it. I reach over, pick it up, and knock it back in a few big gulps. It tastes better than mine, because I’ve been ordering them without sugar lately as part of a half-hearted attempt at losing weight.

It doesn’t take long to discover that there’s nothing else worth reading in the newspaper. I look around; our waiter from before is back behind the counter so I give him the head tilt and raised eyebrow to signal that he should bring the bill over. He nods and lifts a finger to indicate he’ll be there in a moment. I let my gaze linger for an extra couple of seconds. The guy is really sexy. Early twenties maybe, with that wispy, patchy kind of stubble that young guys get the first couple of times they grow it out. I can tell from his skinny jeans and the way the low cut of his t-shirt exposes his clavicle and the top of his chest that he must have a great body. Lean, like a swimmer or something. I figure there’s no harm in looking, just a little bit.

A few seconds later I hear footsteps behind me, and Kenneth lays his hand gently on my shoulder as he walks past me and sits down at the table.

“I drank your coffee,” I tell him. “It was getting cold.”

“That’s okay,” he replies.

“Are you okay? I was beginning to worry about you.”

“Yeah. Sorry I took so long. I was feeling really rough, kept thinking I was gonna hurl. Maybe something I ate?”

“Or something you drank?” I ask, letting a hint of light-hearted accusation creep into my voice. “It was pretty late you stumbled in last night.”

“I barely even drank!” He gives me his faux-wounded look. “I never get any sympathy from you!”

I have to laugh; it’s totally true. “Okay. Sorry. I’ll take you home, help you to bed, and tend to your needs all day.”

He grins, that roguish, mischievous grin he always does. “All my needs?” I love how horny he always is.

I turn to signal the waiter again for the bill but he’s already on his way over. As he hands over the bill he asks, “How was everything?” in a tone that indicates he’s not really interested in how I found it at all.

I put my card down without really looking at the bill. “It was really good, thanks.”

“And you, sir?” the waiter asks Kenneth. “Was everything to your liking?” That last sentence he says in a tone that’s obviously flirtatious, and he flashes a smirk as he says it.

I’m right here, dickhead, I want to say. It really annoys me when guys try to flirt with Kenneth. Wherever we go, guys are always trying it on with him. And every time, they pretty much act like I’m not even there. I can understand why though, and it’s not like I can really blame them. Kenneth is pure perfection. That boyish, youthful charm; he looks like he’s twenty-one even though he’s almost thirty. That captivating, mischievous smile, his piercing blue eyes, and silky smooth, golden skin. His body is incredible; slim and toned, with a bubble butt that’s begging to be grabbed. I can see why all the guys are always after him, but it annoys me that none of them ever seem to appreciate the fact that he’s obviously spoken for.

“Everything was great,” Kenneth replies to the waiter, shooting back a similarly cheeky smile, the kind that makes me fucking furious. As the boy walks off with my credit card I shoot Kenneth an annoyed look. I don’t know if he notices — and if he does, I’m not sure if he knows why I am annoyed. He doesn’t seem to react at all.

The waiter comes back a minute later with my card and the receipt. As we stand up and head for the door he cheerily calls out “Hope to see you again soon.” I’m pretty sure that isn’t meant for both of us. I console myself with the fact that as hot as this guy might be, and as much as he might want to get it on with my man, I’m the one who gets to take Kenneth home.


“Are you sure you’re feeling up to it?” Cole asks as he parallel parks on the street outside Adam and Paul’s place.

“I’m sure,” I assure him. “I feel fine now, I swear.”

It’s nice of Cole to worry about me. This morning I’d told him that I wasn’t feeling all that well, and ever since he’s been worried that I’m not up to coming along to this party tonight. Truth be told, I’m feeling fine. I’d only told him I wasn’t well because he’d been wondering why I took so long in the restroom at the cafe. It’s not like I could tell him the real reason, which was that I’d been getting my ass nailed in the toilet cubicle by the waiter.

The guy had given me the eye pretty much as soon as we’d sat down at our table, and I’d seen him checking me out the whole time we’d been sitting there eating our breakfast. I’d shot glances back at him whenever Cole wasn’t paying attention, and by the time I’d finished my bacon and eggs we both knew where things were headed. So when I was sitting there about to have my second coffee of the day, and I saw him headed towards the toilets, I was in there after him like a flash.

I’d found him standing at the urinal taking a piss, and he’d turned his head to watch as I walked past him to one of the stalls. I didn’t close the door behind me; I just dropped my jeans and my underwear, and braced myself against the wall with my hands. It had only taken a few seconds before he was in there behind me, running his hands over my ass and reaching round to fondle my nuts and my already semi-hard shaft. It was only few more seconds before he spat into his hand, pulled my cheeks apart and started loosening up my hole with his fingers, then a few more seconds before his cock head was pushing against my waiting hole and slowly working its way in.

I’d expected it to be a quick fuck; a lot of guys seem to cum faster when it’s a seedy public fuck like that; I think it’s the added thrill of the chance of being caught. Not to mention most guys cum faster when it’s raw. But this guy seemed to go for a decent amount of time. He started slow, and his long, slender dick made me whimper each time he pushed it right to the hilt. Once or twice he took it right out, then shoved it all the way back in with a single, forceful stroke that made me cry out. “Shut up,” he’d whispered, chuckling to himself and giving me a slap on the ass. “You don’t want your boyfriend to hear, do you?” But that just made me hornier.

After getting progressively faster, he’d started really pumping my ass. He pulled my head back by my hair so my back was arched, and he nibbled on my earlobe as he rammed his dick in and out, getting faster and more urgent. Then as he let out a grunt that was barely audible, I felt him blow his load. I could feel his cock twitch inside me two or three times as my ass filled up with his warm seed, and his whole body convulsed. Then he was out of me, and a few seconds later he was out the door.

I’d pulled up my pants, washed up and headed back to our table. Cole had already drunk my coffee, and was wondering what had taken so long. That guy must have been fucking me for at least twenty minutes or so, if not longer. So I’d made up the line about feeling unwell; it was the only excuse I could think of on the spot.

I’m starting to regret it now. Partly because despite all the subtle hints I dropped all day, he still hasn’t fucked me, which means I still haven’t had the chance to cum yet. But also because now, more than eight hours later Cole just can’t leave it alone.

“If you start to feel sick, just let me know,” he tells me as we both get out of the car. “We can go home any time.” I’m starting to think that maybe Cole is actually just looking for an excuse not to have to do this party; he’s never been much of a partier the whole time we’ve been together. But there’s no chance we’re leaving any time soon; I’m still horny as hell, and I know I’m going to get some dick here tonight.

Paul greets us at the door and welcomes us in. We do the obligatory birthday well-wishes and small-talk as he grabs our coats and hangs them up by the door. As Cole makes his way to the kitchen to grab us a couple of drinks, Paul leans in close and says, “Adam tells me you’re my birthday present tonight.”

“You know you don’t have to wait till your birthday to have me,” I whisper back…

Written by

Jack is a queer writer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who writes gay erotica mainly focused on cuckolding and other kinks.

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