Cole Got Cucked Hard : Part 4

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It’s a stunner outside. Blue sky, a slight breeze, and barely a cloud in sight. It would be a crime to let an afternoon like this go by without getting out in the sunshine. More to the point, it’s a perfect afternoon to flaunt my body and see if I can attract a few guys to dick me in the sunshine.

“Out for a run,” I call out to Cole as I pull my running shoes on.

“Okay babe, have fun!”

I wonder for a second if Cole ever gets suspicious when I go out running. Especially the times I go out wearing next to nothing, and come home smelling of cum and other guys’ sweat. If he ever does notice he never says a thing though.

I close the front door behind me, stretch a little on the verandah, and then I’m off out the gate. As I jog down the street I can feel my cock and balls bouncing up and down. I love the feeling of freeballing in my running shorts; hopefully when the guys look — and they’ll definitely be looking, no doubt about it — they’ll notice my package bouncing around in my little mesh shorts as I run.

My usual route takes me to the end of our street and onto the main road. About two hundred metres down that road is a block of shops, including a cafe with tables that spill out onto the wide footpath. As I jog past I notice a couple of guys sitting out the front, and grin to myself as I see both of them eyeing me up. I glance back as I pass them, and one of them quickly shifts his gaze to pretend he wasn’t looking. The other one keeps looking; he either doesn’t care whether I notice, or he wants to make sure I notice.

Another three hundred metres or so down that road, I pass the house of a guy who’d fucked me a few times when I’d been out on my run. But it looks like there’s no one home today, and he hadn’t been on grindr when I checked not long before I left home, so I guess I’m out of luck there.

Another hundred metres or so and I’m passed by a guy on his bike. He turns to check me out as he passes, and he’s so distracted he almost rides straight into a parked car. He realises just in time, swerves, and carries on. I fucking love the effect I have on guys when they see me out running, wearing nothing but these tiny shorts and my running shoes.

There are a few cars parked around the entrance to the park when I get there. That’s a promising sign. I jog past a few families chilling out at the playground, and take the path that leads into the trees. It’s uphill a bit from here, so this is where I usually start to get a bit of a sweat on when it’s a hot day. That’s always good; I know it drives the guys crazy when they see the sweat beading on my chest and my back.

It’s about a five minute uphill run to the best cruising spot. When I get to the big grass picnic area though, it’s empty. I stop and sit down at the picnic table to catch my breath and see what talent turns up. It’s nice up here; there’s this big old tree overhanging the table, letting through dappled sunlight but casting just enough of a shadow to provide a bit of refuge from the hot afternoon sun. There’s the lightest of breezes, and I love the way it tickles my bare skin just a little.

It’s not long before I’ve got company. A young guy, maybe in his early twenties, wanders up the path. Blonde hair sticking out from beneath his baseball cap, tanned skin with the lightest shade of fuzz on his arms. I can tell by the way his t-shirt hangs off his upper body that he’s decently built. He gives me a look that lingers a couple of seconds too long to be innocent, but he doesn’t say anything, just walks past. When he gets to the end of the clearing where the path starts again, he looks back at me, but he doesn’t make any kind of signal. Guess he’s kinda shy, which is always a turn-on.

I give him a few seconds, then I get up and jog up the path in the same direction. As I pass him I look back at him, letting my gaze fix long enough to make it pretty obvious what I want. Then a few metres up I turn off the path and and slow to a walk. I know this spot. If you push past the foliage of this big bush there’s a narrow almost-path that takes you to another tiny clearing that’s not visible from the track. I push through the branches, and as I do I look back to make sure he can see where I’m headed.

As I start down the path I hear him pushing through the branches behind me. This time I don’t look back though. I keep walking till I reach the spot. When I emerge into the little clearing I turn around and wait for the guy to catch up.

He emerges from the trees and stops. Looks me up and down. Gives me a nod. “Hey.” He seems awkward. Like maybe he doesn’t do this very often.

“Hey.” I take a couple of steps towards him. Into his personal space.

The guy hesitates for a few seconds, just stands there looking at me. So I gently lay a hand on his torso, and step even closer, so now my face is inches from his. I gently kiss his neck, as I run my hand up his chest. That gets him started; he kisses me on the lips, first softly, then more forcefully. He puts his hands on my lower back, and runs them down until they’re cupping my ass cheeks in my little mesh shorts.

We make out for a minute or so. I run my hands up and down his chest, exploring the shape of his body. He’s lean, muscular. Strong chest and shoulders. I run a hand down to his shorts, feeling his thick cock through the fabric of his shorts. He’s long, fairly thick, and definitely ready to go.

I drop down to my knees, and pull his shorts down just enough to reveal his underwear. His cock is straining through his briefs, the shape perfectly visible through the white fabric. I kiss it, through the fabric, up and down the shaft, before I slowly reach in and extract it from the confines of the fabric.

It’s beautiful. I mean, they all are. There’s something about men’s cocks that just never ceases to mesmerise me. This one’s no exception. I take the tip in my mouth, and massage it lightly with my tongue. He moans, and almost instantly I can taste the salty precum he’s leaking.

“Fuck that’s good, bro,” he sighs. I take it a little deeper, still letting my tongue flitter across the head. He moans some more.

After a few minutes I take it out to catch my breath. “Can you lick my balls, bro?” he asks. “I love getting my balls licked.”

I oblige. I run my tongue in long, slow motions across his ballsack and he gasps with pleasure. “Fuck yeah, just like that.” He’s really getting into it; I can feel his body start to relax as I lap away at those low-hangers. I bet he was nervous about this, about coming to this cruising spot, but now he’s forgotten all about anything other than my mouth on his nuts.

I migrate back to his cock. I give the head another lick, then I take the whole thing in my mouth and start sucking him off properly. “Bro!” he moans. His cock is so salty; his cock is drooling so much precum. I love it when they leak like that. I take his cock deep, right down to the back of my throat, and massage it all the way to the tip with my tongue each time I bring it almost out of my mouth.

“Fuck!” All of a sudden he pulls my mouth off him. I look up. “Sorry man, you’re getting me so close I had to stop.” He pauses. “Can I fuck you?”

“Sure.” I get up off my knees, and turn around. I back up against him, so that his hard, wet cock is nestled up against my ass.

“You got any rubbers?” he asks.

“Nope. Don’t worry about it. I’m on PrEP.” I slowly pull down my shorts, and push back onto him so that the tip of his cock is right up against my hole. I already got his shaft so wet that I know it will slip in easily enough, even without lube. I slowly push against his cock, and I can feel it start to slide in just a little. The guy hesitates, so I push back a little bit harder. I feel it open me up as it slides in a few centimetres. Then he does the rest, pushing it the whole way in.

“Fuck that feels good!” He starts pumping, using one arm to pull me tight against him as he fucks me from behind. With the other grabs my chin and turns my head as far back as it will go, so he can stick his tongue down my throat while he pound my ass. Then, as his thrusts become harder, he shoves me by the shoulders so I bend over for him, and he jackhammers into my ass . “Fuck yeah,” he grunts. “Fuck, your ass is good.”

I know this guy’s not going to last long. He really pounds me for another minute or so, then he warns me, “Dude, I’m gonna cum.”

I love this bit.

With a grunt and one last thrust I feel him empty his balls inside of me. I hear him breathing hard as he recovers from blowing his load, then slowly he pulls out of me. I feel a trickle of cum run down my thigh.

He pulls up his pants. “Thanks, bro.” And then like a flash, probably feeling hella awkward all of a sudden, he’s disappeared back into the trees.

I’m still just standing there with my shorts around my knees when I see the guy watching me from across the clearing. I wonder how long he’s been there.

“Enjoy the show?”

“It was hot,” he replies. He steps out into the sun of the clearing, and I get a good look at him. Jeans, t-shirt, cap. Stubble. Early forties, maybe. Decently in shape.

“You want a turn?” I ask.

“Of course.” He crosses the clearing, and walks right up to me. Grabs my hard cock in one hand, and my ass in the other. His finger explores my cummy hole while he strokes me slowly. “Get on all fours,” he orders.

I get down on the ground, on all fours. He takes off his shirt, his shoes, his jeans. Once he’s naked he kneels down on the ground behind me, and starts to lick the last guy’s cum from my hole. He gets his tongue in nice and deep, digging the cum out of my freshly fucked hole. It feels good: a warm, soft massage, after the jackhammer fuck I just got.”Fuck that’s tasty,” he tells me as he laps up the cum.

Once he’s got out all he can, he lines up his cock. “You ready for another one?”

“Of course.” I’m always ready for more cock.

I feel his bare cock slide in slowly. It feels thick but it glides almost effortlessly in, my hole is so well stretched and lubed by this stage. He grunts. “Fuck that’s a good hole.” He pushes right in to the hilt, and lets out a deep breath of appreciation as he holds it there for a few seconds. Then he starts to pump me with slow, deep strokes.

The sun is warm on my back, and he pumps away at a leisurely pace in this warm patch of sunshine in this tiny clearing in the woods. It’s nice; so often these daytime part hookups are so quick and furtive. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a seedy, illicit, quick fuck when you’re both trying to finish before you get caught. But sometimes it’s nice to take your time, and enjoy fucking in the outdoors under the afternoon sun.

The guy pulls out. He lies on the ground, and I get on top. I lower myself down onto him, and he fucks me lazily as I ride him. I bend down and make out with him. He’s a good kisser; he holds my head by the base of my skull and pulls it in. I writhe up and down languidly, kissing him, feeling the beads of sweat start to form on my back as we fuck in the summer heat.

Although the pace is pleasant, my need to be dicked down hard begins to take over, and I start to ride him harder. I kiss him more intensely. “I want you to cum inside me,” I whisper in his ear between kisses.


“Yeah. I want your load.”

“Okay then, you got it.” He grabs my hips and starts to fuck me hard. With me bucking up and down with all the force I can, and him thrusting his hips from below, he’s getting in deep and hitting my prostate really hard. Each time it hits, it sends a wave of pleasure through my body.

I feel it building. “I’m gonna cum!”

That makes him fuck me even harder. I bear down on his cock as hard as I can, and grind against it as I feel my balls start to unload. My dick explodes with rope after rope of cum, that shoot up into the air and come splashing down on the stranger’s chest. The second they hit his skin, it sets him off. He lets out a moan and I can feel him unload inside me.

I collapse on top of him, and we lie there like that for a minute or so. Our breathing is heavy and almost in time, but gradually mine returns to normal, and his starts to do the same.

He extracts his cock from me, and I dismount him and roll onto the grass. For a few minutes we just lie there in the sun and chat; I find out that his name’s Warren, and he’s a bit of a regular at this cruising spot. He tells me about how he started coming here back when he was married, because that was his only option; and how even though he’s now out and single, and doesn’t need to cruise parks anymore, he still loves it on days like this when the sun’s shining. “And when little sluts like you are out in their running shorts,” he laughs.

Eventually we get up. He starts to get dressed, and I put my shorts back on. I give him a kiss, tell him I hope to see him round again, and set off back home.

As I jog home I can feel the cum trickle out of my loose hole and down my leg. I love that feeling. I hope it’s not making too noticeable a wet patch in the seat of my shorts though, as I jog down the busy road past the shops again.

When I get home Cole’s in the garden. “How was your run?” he asks.

“Great!” I stop and give him a kiss as I catch my breath.

He puts a hand on my hip. “I love it when you’re sweaty like this. And you look damn good in those shorts.” He lowers his hand down to my ass.

“Oh really? Maybe you should come upstairs and show me how much you like it.”

He looks excited at that idea. As we head upstairs I think to myself, I hope he doesn’t notice the cum leaking down my legs. Or the dirty patches on my knees from when I was on all fours getting my ass pounded. Or on second thoughts, maybe I hope he does notice.

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Jack is a queer writer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who writes gay erotica mainly focused on cuckolding and other kinks.

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