Cole Got Cucked Hard: Part 5

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I’m out in the front garden pulling weeds out from between the paving stones when Kenneth comes back for his run. I get up to greet him as he opens the gate. “How was your run?” I ask him.


He looks amazing. He’s in these tiny little blue mesh running shorts that cling to his bubble butt and the bulge of his balls. He’s shirtless, with beads of sweat on his forehead and neck, and the golden skin of his torso glistening with a sweaty sheen. “I love it when you’re sweaty like this.” I put my hands on him; I feel the warm, slick sweat on his lower back. And you look damn good in those shorts.” I slide my hand down onto his tiny shorts and grasp his ass firmly.

“Oh really?” He gives me a mischievous look. “Maybe you should come upstairs and show me how much you like it.”

I don’t need any more convincing than that. I was already feeling mildly horny, so seeing Kenneth looking like that gets me going one hundred percent, instantly.

He takes my hand and leads me inside. We start up the stairs towards the bedroom. Standing behind him on the stairs I watch his tight ass in those tight shorts as he walks up each step. Goddamn it, that ass looks good. I tug on his hand to stop him, and standing on the step below him I pull him back into me so he can feel my dick starting to harden against this thigh.

I can’t take any more waiting. I start to peel his shorts down. They’re wet with sweat, and they cling to every contour. I slowly pull them down his legs, and he kicks them the rest of the way off.

I apply just a little bit of pressure to his back. “Get down,” I tell him.

He gets down onto his knees, right there on the stairs. His knees on one stair, his head resting on his elbows a couple of stairs higher, his ass up in the air. I kneel on the next stair down, so my face is level with his ass.

“You’ve got the most beautiful ass in the world,” I tell him, to which I get a chuckle in response.

I caress his bubble butt for a bit before I take a finger and gently rub it against his hole. It feels surprisingly slick. It even looks a little slick around the hole, like he’s already lubed it up for me. I apply a little pressure, and my finger starts to slide in easily. Kenneth lets out the little whimper that he always seems to do when the moment he’s first penetrated. I only ease my finger in about a centimetre though, just to tease him. Then I withdraw and get down onto my knees behind him.

I gently lick the underside of Kenneth’s testicles, and run my tongue along his taint. It’s so salty with sweat. When I reach his hole I gently lap at it with my tongue. That salty taste of sweat is even stronger around his hole.

No, wait. That’s not sweat.

I push my tongue in deeper, exploring the taste. It’s salty, for sure, but it’s definitely not sweat. I know cum when I taste it.

I gasp and pull my face out of Kenneth’s ass. For a moment I kneel there on the stair, my head swimming. I’m imagining it, right? I must be. There’s no way it could be cum. Surely.

Kenneth looks back at me. “You okay babe?”

I almost can’t answer. I have no idea what to say. Does he actually have another guy’s cum in his ass? Should I ask him? No, I can’t. What if I’m wrong; he’d be so hurt by the accusation. But what if I’m right? As that thought crosses my mind, I feel my cock twitch, and I realise it’s suddenly got twice as hard as it was a few seconds ago.


I snap back into the moment. “I’m all good,” I reply. I tentatively I lean in, and gently tease the rim of his hole with my tongue again. The taste is not as strong now. In fact it’s so faint that I figure I must have been imagining it. I have to know though. I take my middle finger and massage his hole with it, then slowly slide it inside him. I add my index finger, so I’ve got two fingers inside. He moans as I push them in as far as I can go, then I pull them out.

I look at my fingers. They’re slick and wet. I hold them up to my nose and, sure enough, they smell of cum. Just to be absolutely sure, I put them in my mouth and taste them. The taste is unmistakeable.

The bastard. How the fuck could he do this to me? This hurts, like actual, physical pain. I feel like someone’s kicked me in the stomach. In this moment I feel so many emotions hit me at once that I can barely register what they all are. Humiliation. Anger. Grief. I can feel the fury and the jealousy start to rise out of my stomach, and I can hear my heartbeat thumping in my head. But at the same time I can feel my cock straining against my pants, harder and more swollen than it’s been in as long as I can remember. As awful as I feel right now, I’m suddenly the horniest I’ve been in months.

I enthusiastically plunge my tongue back into Kenneth’s ass, driving it as deep as I can to try and lap out every bit of seed I can reach. I grab him by the hips and hold on so I can get in even deeper. I’m like an aardvark in an ant’s nest, driving my tongue in and out of his sloppy, wet hole to get the prize hiding inside.

Kenneth seems to appreciate it. His moans get louder and his little whimpers become more plaintive and breathless the more I eat his ass out. His noises, along with the taste of the cum, are driving me so wild I can barely hold it in anymore. I furiously unbutton my pants and pull out my cock, and in a single thrust I drive it into Kenneth’s ass. He cries out, and in that second I empty a massive load of cum inside him. I spurt hard, seven or eight times, each time letting out a groan of absolute relief. It’s like every bit of rage and sadness and hurt erupts out of me in ropes of cum, coating the walls of Kenneth’s ass.

I collapse on top of him, my chest heaving.

After I catch my breath I reach for Kenneth’s cock, which is still hard. I wrap my hand around it and start to jerk him off, but he gently brushes my hand away. “I’m okay,” he says, craning his neck back and kissing me. “Thank you. That was amazing.”

In that moment I have no idea what to say to him. I don’t know whether to demand to know who had been fucking him, or yell at him for cheating on me and for letting someone fuck him bare. Or whether to tell him how confused I am right now, feeling so hurt by his betrayal but so aroused by it at the same time. In the end, after a silence that seems to last forever, all I can say is “I love you, babe.”

Written by

Jack is a queer writer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who writes gay erotica mainly focused on cuckolding and other kinks.

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