Cole Got Cucked Hard: Part 6

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I hear Cole calling out something, but I can’t make out the words over the sound of the shower. “What?” I yell back.

The bathroom door opens and Cole’s head peers round. “Remember I’m home late,” he says. “Going for a drink after work.” He kisses me on the cheek. “Bye!”

“Have a good day, babe. Love you.”

The door closes. I stick my hand under the water to check that it’s hot enough, and then I jump into the shower.

It’s about two minutes later that the bathroom door opens again. This time it’s Josh, the next door neighbour, standing in the doorway. He saunters in, dropping his jeans and kicking them off. “Hey slut,” he calls out over the sound of the water.

“Hey.” As he’s undressing I decide to give him something to look at. As obviously as I can I knock the soap off its shelf, turn around so my back is facing him, and bend over to pick it up, giving him a good view of my ass. By the time I straighten back up, he’s opening the shower door behind me and stepping in.

He runs a hand over my ass, then gently up my hip and lower back. He leaves his hand lingering on the side of my rib cage, and takes a step closer so his chest and his cock — already getting nice and thick — are pressed up against me. For a moment he just lets the jets of water fall across his face and his hair; then he starts to gently kiss the back of my neck.

I let out a sigh. Fuck, it drives me crazy when he kisses my neck like that.

“Glad you could make it,” I whisper to him.

Josh’s hand begins to travel again, this time making its way across my abs, up to my chest, then back down towards my hardening cock. But he stops short, teasing me by letting his hand linger on my groin, just above the base of my shaft.

I put my hands on the shower wall at shoulder height, to brace myself. I push my ass back, and rub it up and down against Josh’s cock. His cock is now fully hard, and it doesn’t take much convincing to get him to fuck me. He takes his cock in his hand and guides it slowly into my hole.

He wraps his arms around me, rubbing my chest and my torso as he begins to slowly ease his cock in and out of my ass. He nuzzles and kisses my neck and my collarbone, and runs his tongue slowly up my neck to my earlobe. Moaning with pleasure I push back into him, taking his cock a little bit deeper each time he pushes into me. “You like that, don’t you?” he whispers, before taking my earlobe in his mouth and biting down softly.

“Yes. Fuck yes.”

He takes me gently by the chin and turns my head so I’m craning my neck looking back towards him. He kisses me deeply, his warm, wet tongue filling my mouth and taking it over.

“I’ve got a late start today,” he tells me, drawing his cock slowly out of me. “So we can take it slow.” He slides it back in, right to the hilt.

He fucks me lazily for a few minutes, then pulls out. He grabs Cole’s shampoo off the shelf and starts washing his hair. “I love the smell of this stuff, man,” he tells me. “Way better than the shit I got at home.”

While he washes his hair I get down on my knees. I lick his balls all over, as the warm water runs down his body and splashes over my face. He soaps down his muscular, hairy chest and arms while I service his ballsack. “Fuck that’s nice,” he sighs appreciatively.

Once he’s done washing himself he says to me, “How ‘bout we move this into the bedroom?”

That’s all the encouragement I need. I turn the water off and step out of the shower. I grab a towel and dry myself off, and then hand the towel to Josh for him to do the same. It really gets me going the way his chest hair fluffs up when he dries it. I lean in, kiss his chest, his nipple. Lift his arm and kiss his pits. I love it when he fucks me in the shower; the only down side is that when he comes out his pits are clean and I don’t get to smell that pure testosterone.

He finishes towelling himself off, and drops the towel on the floor. “Let’s go.” He slaps me on the ass.

We head into the bedroom, and we’re barely in there before he throws me down on the bed, face down. I know the routine, and I know what Josh likes. So I get on all fours, ass up in the air, so he can get his face in nice and deep. He licks my freshly clean hole, getting his tongue in deep where his cock was a few minutes ago. Every now and then he runs his tongue down to my taint, which gives me the shivers.

It doesn’t take him long to get worked up again. He flips me over. I instinctively bring my knees up to my chest. “You wanna fuck me now?” I ask him. Of course he does.

He spits on his hand, rubs it on his cock, and lines it up. With a slow, effortless stroke he slides it in deep, making me gasp. He pins me down underneath him and kisses me while he begins to slowly fuck me again.

I love my morning fucks with Josh. We have a good rhythm together after plenty of getting to know each other. He always looks deep in my eyes while he’s inside me, kissing me all over my neck and my chest, holding me tight against him while he thrusts into me. This morning is no different. It’s like it’s not enough to just be inside of me; he pulls me so close, so tight that it’s like he wants us to merge into one body or something. I love the intensity of it; he always fucks me slowly and gently — at least at first — but it still has this intensity like he’s putting everything into that moment.

Eventually he steps up the pace. By this point we’ve both got a sheen on from the sweat, and I feel like I’m about to lose my shit from the way he’s hitting my prostate slowly and rhythmically. He rises up so he’s not pinning me down anymore; instead he’s kneeling upright on the bed. He gets a good grip on my hips and starts to pound me hard. Every thrust his hitting my prostate; I feel that feeling like I’m about to piss myself, it’s so fucking intense that I can’t take it anymore. I let out a yelp as I suddenly cum. I feel my ass spasm and tighten around Josh’s cock, as my own cock erupts and I blow my load all over my chest. The clenching of my ass sets Josh off too, and with a grunt I feel him unload inside of me.

He collapses on top of me, his chest heaving as he catches his breath. We both just lie there for a minute, and then he kisses me again.

He pulls out. He grabs the pillow and wipes his dick clean on it. He chuckles as he does it; he fucking loves that, he does it every time we fuck in our bed. He loves wiping his dick clean on Cole’s pillow, knowing that my oblivious boyfriend is going to go to sleep with his face in Josh’s dried up cum. He licks the cum off my chest, and then lies down next to me. “Thanks, bro. Needed that.”

“You know it’s here whenever you need it,” I remind him.

He laughs. “I wish. If I could just come over and fuck you whenever I felt like it, I’d be over here a lot more often. Your boyfriend needs some new hobbies so you can get the house to yourself more often.” He kisses me on the cheek, then the neck. “You know, he almost caught me on Tuesday.”

“Really? You never mentioned it.”

“I had other things on my mind.” He grins at me. “Yeah, I was on my way over, thought he’d left already. Literally was just opening your gate when he opened the door and came out.”

“What happened? What did he do?” The thought of him catching me is really fucking hot. Is that fucked up? Maybe it’s fucked up. But I can’t help it.

“Nothing. That dude is oblivious. I talked some shit, pretended I was on my way to the store so I ended up walking down the street with him. Then he went to catch the train and I came back here to pound the shit out of his slut boyfriend.”

I could just imagine Josh’s cocky grin, walking along talking to Cole like everything’s totally normal, knowing that in half an hour’s time he’d be wiping his dick clean on Cole’s pillow. The thought of it starts to make me a little hard again.

“Do you ever worry he’ll find out?” Josh asks.

I shake my head. “I don’t worry. I know he’ll find out at some point. It’s only a matter of time. But I know Cole. I know he’s a total cuck. So I know once he finds out I’m cheating on him it’s gonna make him hornier than he’s ever been before. So once he gets his head around it, he’ll be glad I’m getting dicked down by guys like you.”

Josh looks kind of confused. “A cuck? Like a cuckold?” I nod. “Like, you think he’ll enjoy knowing that other guys are fucking you?”

“Yeah. Some guys are into it.”

Josh looks incredulous. “Woah. I guess there’s something for everyone. How do you know he’s into it?”

“I don’t know for sure. It’s just a feeling. He’s a sub deep down. And I see how turned on he gets when I tell him about all the guys that fucked me in the past. I mean, I don’t know for sure. But I think I know him well enough to pick it.”

“So why don’t you tell him? If you think he’s gonna be ok with me fucking you, wouldn’t you rather just ask him than do it in secret?”

“I guess this way has advantages for both of us. I mean, maybe it’s a dick move, but I love the thrill of fucking round behind his back. Once he knows, that feeling’s all over for me, so I want to enjoy it while I can.”

“And what’s the advantage for him?”

I can’t help but flash my most mischievous grin at that question. “Having a conversation about it is boring. But one day he’s going to catch me in the act, and it is going to blow his mind.”

Written by

Jack is a queer writer from Aotearoa (New Zealand) who writes gay erotica mainly focused on cuckolding and other kinks.

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